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Certificates Management

Easy administration of certificates. A digital software solution to control certificates and avoid mistakes and bureaucracy.

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Fleet Management

Get modules like Vessel Information, Certificates, Audits, Inspections, Vettings, Action Tracker, Ship Reporting, Notifications and more.

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Crewing Management

The personnel relief plan solution warrants an always up-to-date status display of your company's deployment.

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Purchasing Management

Gain comprehensible processes, manage your vendors and easily make sure everything is being executed correctly, all in one place.

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Safety Management

Use our clear and comprehensible health and safety management software to organize, review and consistently improve current working conditions all while complying with your legal obligations.

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PMS Management

Easily plan, track and optimize your scheduled maintenance and document your maintenance activities to profit off the right strategies to use your resources at all times.

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Our services

Whatever your professional IT requirements are, we will be there for you. Our team is ready to provide support on-site, by e-mail or by phone. We also offer training sessions, provide documentations etc.

In addition, we offer maintenance/service agreements individually tailored to your budget.

Because of our professional team we can give our customers individual service for their needs. Depending on your software or IT solution we guarantee different services to guard and protect your workflow.


Thanks to a variety of projects and years of experience we can provide you with sustainable and demonstrable success. We advise you on analysis, vision, mission, change management and success monitoring and will be with you on every step of the process.


We develop modern software and cloud-based applications for future-proof solutions. Our team is able to create customized solutions for your individual needs.


We are located near the harbor in Hamburg, Germany and are able to take care of our customer's matters worldwide. One of our strengths is that we keep our core competence in-house which allows us to react both quickly and efficiently.


We offer maintenance and support contracts and take care of your requests in every situation, both once and recurrently.